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Our babies have gone on to be great riding horses / kids companions /show horses/ endurance horses and above all fantastic friends to their new owners.. 

They are out there carrying the flag for KCA and doing us very proud!!! 

We usually only have our foals for a short time but each and everyone one we breed is special to us. We have been blessed to have had some ''truly remarkable'' babies in our lives. 

If you own a KCA bred horse or a horse sired by one of our stallions we would ''love'' to hear how they are going and what they are up to!!   We like to keep track of our 4 legged family no matter where they go and what they do.

A HUGE Thankyou to those who own a KCA bred horse and who stay in contact with us. We really appreciate hearing from you!!








2016 Season



Krystal Creek Wings Of Gold

Tristram Masa x Roxy Hart




We welcomed to the world yet another son of our  beautiful mare Roxy.

Thor is a quality palomino pinto colt who we are sure in the right hands will make his mark in the Arabian industry like his big brother Krystal Creek Heartbreaker who has gone on to be a amazing show horse.

Thor has been sold.






Krystal Creek Summer Hope

93.5% Arabian palomino filly

Phantom Of Sierra x Espirit Prima Donna



This beautiful girl oozes quality with the bonus of the richest golden colour which just gets better and better as she matures.

Hope has been sold to a fantastic home with Emma Cooper who is extremely excited about her new little girl and has big plans for her.

We wish Emma all the best with Hope and look forward to watching their adventures together.







2015 season



Krystal Creek Heartbreaker


Santiago KEI x Roxy Hart

Palomino pinto Part Arabian colt

DOB 8 / 9 / 15



We welcome this perfect little man into the world.

Cricket as he is known at home is a full sibling to our precious Sharni Rose who we sadly lost in 2013 before her 1st birthday.

He is just as perfect in body and has the same charisma as his sister had.  This was such a fantastic cross between Santiago and Roxy.

Cricket sold to a fantastic show home and is currently bringing the ribbons home. We are very proud to be this boys breeders.






2014 season



Krystal Creek Divine Angel


RNZ Scorza x Gabrielle Ohh La La

Purebred Arabian Filly



Born 20th September we welcomed this adorable little filly to our family.

Angel is sired by the magnificent straight Egyptian black stallion RNZ Scorza out of the beautiful mare Gabrielle Ohh La La 

Angel has been retained.





2013 season


Krystal Creek Sharni Rose

Santiago KEI x Roxy Hart







2012 season




Santiago KEI x Krystal Creek Breathless

75% Arabian Tobiano colt

DOB 14/11/12



Again we proudly annouce the birth of yet again another ''coloured'' foal for the 2012 foaling season and what a beauty he is!!!

Nicknamed ''Joey'' this adorable little man has already won some hearts.  Born 2 weeks early but mum and bub are doing wonderful.






Krystal Creek Yours Sincerely

Big Valley Yours Truly x Allyndah Sophia

75% Arabian black/white pinto filly

DOB 11/10/12


We are extremely excited to welcome to the world on 11/10 at 10.30 pm this GORGEOUS little FILLY

SOLD to a lovely home in Tasmania






Big Valley Yours Truly x Espirit Prima Donna

75% Arabian bay/white pinto filly with one blue eye

DOB 8/11/12


How lucky we have been this season so far. At 6am we welcomed to the world our 2nd pinto filly for the season.

''Dawn'' was a huge surprise as Donna has only ever had colts and to top it of this gorgeous filly has one blue eye and is beautifully marked.

She will be retained.




2011 season



Alliewag Dances with Wolves x Roxy Hart

Part Arabian Pinto Palomino filly






Krystal Creek Rebel's Star

Santiago KEI x Rebel's Girl [aka Sharni, dec]

81% Arabian colt.

DOB 16/10/11


RIP Rebel's Girl you will never be forgotten, such a sweet soul and wonderful mother.




Krystal Creek Destiny

Santiago KEI x Espirit Prima Donna

Purebred Arabian Colt



OUTSTANDING colt born 18/10/11





2010  season.




Niarla Alaskan Prince x Krystal Creek Kiarra





It is with much excitement that we announce the arrive of a very special filly. Born on the 25/1/11,  2, 1/2weeks early this gorgeous filly was a very welcome sight.

This foal is everything and more that I wished for when breeding Santiago's eldest daughter Kiarra to Niarla's magnificent cremello stallion Niarla Alaskan Prince.

What a awesome cross and what a wonderful way to end what has been a horrid breeding season for us with the loss of our two previous foals.

Yet to be named our little pally princess will definitely be retained to be shown before joining our ''colour'' breeding program in the future.

To say I am thrilled is a understatement!!!

Thankyou to Nicole of Niarla Arabains and the wonderful Prince!!

Lets hope this little princess follows her fathers hoofprints and becomes a champion herself.








Santiago KEI x Allyndah Shanarrah


Born on 21st of October after a very difficult birth this little colt foal was born 5 weeks early with very contracted tendons and a tiny body but a huge will to live.

Another brave little soul with a huge heart.

Sadly Cricket was laid to rest on the 27th/11/10 due to a infection in one leg.

RIP gorgeous little boy you gave it your best shot!!






''Krystal Creek Colorado''

Santiago KEI x Allyndah Jewel Of Tarah

Purebred Arabian colt

Born 30/11/09

SOLD to a wonderful home in Victoria as a future stud stallion.




''Krystal Creek Devotion''

Santiago KEI x Krystal Creek Breathless

80%  Arabian  colt.



   Born 18/9/09


Full sibling due December 2012.







Santiago KEI x Willalooka Charmed

85% Arabian filly.


Congratulations to Sylvia Brown.





Vega Gold N Destiny x Wayward Angel

Partbred Arabian colt



Congratulations to Peta Jensen!!






Santiago KEI x Arabian Park Elegance

Purebred Arabian filly


Born 7/9/08

We are frilled to announce the birth of our first foal for the season and most likely the last for our old treasured mare Elegance.

A FILLY!!!!!!

Ellusion has been named after Elegance and her sister Illusion [Lilly]






Born 15/8/07


Santiago KEI x Arabian Park Elegance

Purebred filly

Born 15/8/07

Please go to  Lilly's page to read all about this brave little girl and just how special she was and why.

She will never be forgotten and will has a permanent place in our hearts.

RIP Lilly.








Born 30th /10/06

Yet another gorgeous FILLY sired by our wonderful stallion Santiago KEI.





Krystal Creek  Apache Gold

Wollumbin Bronson x Southfork Bonnie

Full brother to our precious KRYSTAL CREEK BREATHLESS


SOLD   To a wonderful Endurance home with Charlie and Lee-Anne Gauci

Apache now has two gorgeous son's himself.





Krystal Creek Kiarna  Krystal Creek Karisma sold to Tasmania and excelling in endurance.


Krystal Creek Si'anna sold to QLD now a mum herself.

Krystal Creek Samara owned by Brett and Veronica Austin NSW


Krystal Creek Kirrah  [ Dec ]  Very sadly missed!!! Krystal Creek El Leighsha sold to Cobar



Krystal Creek Kahlua

By Santiago KEI

Future endurance mount for his new owners.


Krystal Creek Kiarra 

By Santiago KEI

Now a mum herself and about to adventure into Endurance.




Krystal Creek Samson sold to QLD

Now competing in endurance.

Krystal Creek Santa Cruz  sold to Victoria

By Santiago KEI




Santiago KEI  x Espirit Prima Donna [purebred Arabian foal]

Santiago KEI x Gabrielle Ohh La La [purebred Arabian foal]

Santiago KEI x Roxy Hart. {Part Arabian foal and will be pinto]

Your interest in thses pending babies is invited. All colts will definitely be offered for sale.





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