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''Angels are here for a reason, and know when to leave... All we can hope is we know when to let them go"




''Krystal Creek Elegant Illusion''

Lilly arrived on 15/8/07  3 weeks early and a TWIN. Sadly her brother died not long after birth, he just wasn't strong enough to survive. Lilly on the other hand has been a fighter since her first breath.  I was shocked to see that Elegance had had twins, I really could not believe my eye's and so Lilly was named

''Krystal Creek Elegant ILLUSION''

Elegance was tucked away in a nice warm stable after the birth with her new TINY bundle of joy. Little did we know that we were about to go through a roller coaster of highs and low's with our beautiful new little filly.

The first week all seems fine, yes Lilly's legs looked very petite and a little bent but that was to be expected after being so squashed in utero. She was running around her stable and doing all a new born does without a problem. After a week in the stable due to Lilly being so tiny, it was decided that it was time for mum and bub to go into a nice grassy paddock which made Elegance very happy. [Pic above show's Lilly when she first went out into a paddock]

Within a week as Lilly grew and put on good weight things started to go very wrong with her legs. Instead of them getting stronger they were getting weaker and more bent.

After phone calls to vets and advice from other breeders Elegance and Lilly were to return to the stable where  they spent the next long 3 months.

To make matters worse we were in lock down due to EI. Lilly could not be taken anywhere for help and if it wasn't for our local vet Oliver Liyou we would have lost this precious little girl.

Below is how Oliver saved Lilly's life.


''Lilly''  starts treatment to fix  her ''windswept legs'' at 3 weeks of age.




Our precious little Illusion  has now had special shoes fitted to her tiny hooves in order to correct her terribly ''windswept legs''

The same night Lilly decided to kick her new shoe's off, how she did this we will never know... SO we have to wait till the vet can get out again with new stronger glue to refit the shoes.

This Windswept  condition was caused from being squashed in Utero with her twin brother and her fighting for room to grow.


Lilly  being taken for a short walk during her long stay in a stable.



 After shoes are removed!!!!! 



Lilly has had  periosteal strip surgery on her off side leg, also trailers fitted to both her front hooves.

Our little girl is hopefully on the home run and is really coming forward in leaps and bounds!!! What a brave little girl she has been.

Lilly's dam Elegance has been so patient and trusting as strangers come and go and handle her baby, she has put up with being stabled  for 9 weeks now and still has a few weeks to go, what a wonderful mare she is.


Lilly finding her legs after surgery.



28/11/07  LOOK AT MY LEGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilly has made fantastic progress. her treatment is finally finished after almost 3 months and Lilly is now out in the paddock full time. No more stabling.

YAHOO WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks must go to our wonderful vet OLIVER LIYOU  for all his efforts trying to save this little fillies life. Without him Lilly would surely have had to be put down.

Thanks also go to Lynda Sonter from Allyndah Arabians for spending hours with me holding Lilly upright while her shoes were fitted and set, also Lynda's ongoing concern for Lilly and many visits.

 Thankyou must go to all those who are Lilly's own little fan club, the endless emails and concern for this special little girl is just wonderful.

Lastly THANKYOU to our gorgeous Lilly for her fight to survive, her trust in us during her treatment and for just being one VERY SPECIAL little filly.



Yet another hurdle, Life can be so unfair!!!

Our precious Lilly again fights for her life after fracturing her neck in a paddock accident. Only time will tell if she can pull through yet another hurdle in her young life. We will do everything we can to avoid having to have her put to sleep!!! She is one strong little fighter who isn't letting anything keep her down.

Fingers crossed please for our special baby!



Lilly is still with us!!!! You just cant keep a good filly down.

Lilly is still very bent in her neck but with allot of massage and exercises we are hoping we can help. We had decided two weeks ago to put Lilly to sleep but I just couldn't do it when Lilly is so full of life and not at all depressed. My dear friend Lynda from Allyndah Arabians has found a lovely  lady by the name of Michelle Travis who has been out to see Lilly and give her massage treatment and shown us some exercises for Lilly. Michelle also contacted Sharon May Davis who has also been out to see Lilly  and has given us some good advice on what to do for this special filly. Sharon is a master in her field, she has studied the horses skeleton for many years and for her to tell us that Lilly wasn't ready to be put to sleep yet was a huge relief!!

 I have always said I would let Lilly decide if the time comes and she has had enough of her life, whilst she keeps on fighting So will we for her!!!

Thankyou goes to Lynda, Michelle and Sharon for caring so much about Lilly!!!

Also thankyou to the wonderful people who keep emailing us to see how Lilly is doing, this little filly is very much loved by many!!



The brightest star shines the shortest

Our precious Illusion was laid to rest on 18/9/08. Lilly will be very sadly missed but its time to let her go, her condition got worse and its not fair for her to keep struggling. We will never forget this special little lady she has shown us just how tough the Arabian horse can be. Lilly's courage and will to live has been truly amazing.

There will never be another Lilly!!!!



I can not thank the people who are ''Lilly's fan club enough for the 100's of emails that we received for Lilly.

Also to Horse Wyse Magazine for the story they put in the September  issue  of Horse Wyse about Lilly. This will forever be treasured!!

This special filly had people all around Australia watching her story and there were many tears shed from many people yesterday when our angel was laid to rest.  This little girl sure did touch the hearts of many.

Lilly's passing was quick and dignified thanks to the dedication and care of her Vet Oliver Liyou and assistant Mark.  These two lovely people went beyond and above their duty and made the end as peaceful and loving for Lilly as it could be. She was sedated whilst eating Liquorice her favourite food and then softly went to sleep being told how special and loved she is.

Thankyou to Clarence River  Earth Moving, [Brett my Brother and Marty] for the grave Lilly now is laid to rest in, one fit for a real princess under two beautiful big tree's over watching the other horses.  There now lies roses from my sister in Law Veronica and we will plant some special plants as this is Lillys spot!!

Thankyou to Lynda from Allyndah Arabians, Bec from Arabec Arabians, Nicole from Niarla Arabians, Lisa from Sierra Park ....

the list just goes on and on.....

Your emails and support has helped us heaps.


Last but never least  LILLY

Thankyou Lilly for all that you taught me, for your good morning whinnies, for always being so easy to do anything with, for showing just how brave and courageous the Arabian can be, for your love, your cheekiness, your trust in us and above all for being Lilly.

There will never be another you, we were so blessed to have you in our lives. I will never regret what we went through with you, the worry, the tears, the expense, were all out weighed by your will to live and just keep on going and the love that you gave back.

RIP our beautiful little girl, finally you can run again, head held high, tail over your back and pain free.



Below are ''some'' of the special emails we have received for Lilly. There are just to many to list but we will be keeping each and every email ever received for Lilly. THANKYOU!!


My name is Olivia and I was reading horsewyse and I saw the amazing story of Lilly. WOW it would be amazing to have such a special foal.U were very lucky she survived  This is the most amazing story I have seen in my whole live.

Oh Kerry, I'm so sorry.
 I know this decision was not made lightly and to reach this stage it must be the best thing for her.
 Plenty of tears from this end for her. Please give her a cuddle for me. Sometimes no matter how strong the spirit is, the mere body around it is just not strong enough. She will gallop free of pain across the Bridge and I'm sure will be watching over you till it's time for you to meet again.
 She gave it everything she had and you tried everything you could. No one could ask for more - guess that's what love is all about.
 Huge hugs,


It was with tears in my eyes that i read all the postings regarding your precious Lilly. I am so sorry to hear that all your attempts to help her has not had the results we all hoped for. I too will be thinking of you both tomorrow and wanted to express my sadness.
It is so sad that we as breeders have to go through these bad times and as you told me not that long ago that you may never have to go through it again but be glad that Lilly was a part of your life.
Take care dear friend


at this hard time.
 Keep your chin up and be proud of what you and Lilly have achieved in her short life. She has taught so many people so many things and was such a strong filly, right till the end.
 If you need an ear anytime, I am here.

I am so sorry to hear about Lilly. My heart goes out to you & the family at this time, words can not express my sorrow for you all & poor Lilly. She put up a good fight and so did you guys it was worth it all to have her for this short time.

All my love & prayers

so sorry to hear of your filly..... i know how much you've battled to keep her going.
thinking of you today, Lisa.

Just a quick message to let you know our thoughts & prayers are with you at this sad time.
 We have just looked at your tribute page for Lilly and were inspired by her courage and determination, your's too!
  It is always unfair when a hard fought battle has been won and then another thing comes and takes our precious ones from us.
 Kind regards,
Silvio & Kristin Galea

I just want to express my deepest sympathies on your loss of Lilly.
I have watched her story since the day she was born and it had been just heartbreaking.
My heart goes out to you as it would have been such a hard decision to make and even though in your heart you know it was the best thing for her it would still hurt like hell.
I owned a half brother to Santiago which is why I knew about your stud and the website.
Please accept my sympathies and all the best wishes with her full sister she was a gift that baby, treasure her.  Kind regards  Tracy McManus

I'm so sorry, She fought the good fight with you right alongside.
Run free with no more pain little girl, you've earned your wings.
Thinking of you all.

Hold your head up high for having the strength to free her from her pain. You did everything you could but sadly it seems she was just not meant for this life.  May she join all our beloved foals, and older horses across the rainbow bridge for a life of freedom and sunshine.

You have tried sooo hard for your little baby girl I dont think anyone could be more proud that us Equesers with how much you have done for her. Sometimes life takes un-expected turns but at the end of the day i believe it is all for a reason dont remember her loss but celebrate her life and they joy she brought into your life You were soooo lucky to have her and you are now doing the right thing - even though the right thing is often the hardest thing in these situations.

Little Lilly is such a fighter but even when the spirit is strong, sometimes mere flesh is not strong enough. She truly was and will continue to be an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of knowing her and hear her story.
May the Angels give her wings and may her trip across the Rainbow Bridge be swift.
Rest In Peace Lilly - you've earned it.
Hugest hugs to all who love her. BEC

....I'm so sorry. What you have done for that gorgeous little girl is above and beyond what the average person would do - I think Lilly would have had simply the best she could possibly have and I'm sure you're doing the absolute best by her. Hugs to you.  Pen

You know, I admire you for what you have done for this filly, you are an amazing human being. A lot of people would not have continued on with Lilly with her leg problems, you did and came out the other side. Now to hear of Lillys next journey is so sad, you have done your best for her since day one and I admire that in anyone who owns animals. The biggest (((hugs))) for you and to Lilly tomorrow. Take care.

Safe trip over the rainbow bridge Lilly, say hello to our old mates for us.
You have given her the best time on this earth that you could, be brave, we admire your decision. Hugs.

*tears* for you and and soft and gentle smile for Lilly and her imminent journey into the light. You will find the strength. Lilly will always be there in your heart, just like a ship that sails out of sight over the horizon.
And a special hug for Jerry. A friend is on her way soon for your little girl.

Thinking of you and Lilly this morning..
Here's a little to try and put a little sunshine in your poor sad heart..
Take care and hold all your beautiful memories close--take them out a little at a time and eventually you will smile instead of cry...
Run fast and free Lilly


RIP Beautiful Girl we will love you forever!








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